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Terms of use

Accessing our contents and / or placing an order indicates that you agree with our terms of use, which you will see below:

All our prices are reviewed and approved daily. Except for typo, all of them are correct. Zeus Bleu reserves the right to reject and reject any purchase process if the price or any of the features are not correct. In this case, the user would be informed of said error without causing any economic damage to it

- Privacy policies

- Returns and Guarantees Policies

- Rejection of Transactions

All of our prices include VAT.

We accept payment by bank transfer such as LA CAIXA, cash on delivery and Paypal payments (see more information in Help, how to pay in our store).

In our prices transport is not included, check the shipping costs section for more information.

Privacy policies

We promise not to provide your personal data to any other company or third party, except when necessary to provide the shipping service.

Review the section on Privacy Policies to obtain information on this point.

Returns and Guarantees Policies

All our products include the 2-year Warranty established by the current Law. For this, you must have the purchase invoice delivered at the time of purchase.

This guarantee will affect any defect or physical or hardware damage understood that was not caused by misuse, blow or improper handling. The manipulation of the software of the articles that integrate it, could invalidate the guarantee of the device.

Any product that presents the installation of any other Operating System, as well as the installation of software that could affect its correct operation, other than the serial one, will be immediately rejected by our Guarantee management.

Receipt of products in guarantee management

All products covered by warranty management must be returned to our facilities for repair / replacement. Any product or packaging that shows obvious signs of misuse or lacks the serial forms and quantities may be rejected for the management of any type of guarantee, within the period established by the current law.

In case of defective product, "Zeus Bleu" will proceed, as appropriate, to the repair, replacement, price reduction or termination of the contract, procedures that will be free for the consumer and user. "Zeus Bleu." Will respond to the lack of conformity that manifests itself within a period of 2 years from delivery. The consumer and user must inform the seller of the lack of conformity within 2 months of having knowledge of it.

Refusal of guarantee

According to the above-mentioned conditions, any product rejected by our guarantee policy, will be returned to the customer by postage due, once notified by phone or by email to the customer the rejection of guarantee management as well as the causes that motivate it. If we do not receive a response to the notification of the rejection and the return of the merchandise to the client within 14 business days from the first notification, we will understand that the customer rejects the product and it will not be sent to him.


We accept the return of any product within 14 business days after its purchase, fully returning the value of the product, provided that it has not been tampered with or the hardware or software thereof and is accompanied by its packaging and accessories as standard.

Any shipping costs derived from the return of the product will be charged to the buyer, as long as the product is not defective.

Rejection of a transaction

We reserve the right to reject a transaction that does not seem appropriate, as well as to change any content on our website.