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ZeusBleu Power Bank Lipstick 2.600 mAh

VAT included

How annoying is it to run out of battery power when you want to make an important call, take a picture or use GPS? So that you do not get hung up on the key moments, you have the always safe backup of the slim battery.

It is a portable charging device that you can carry comfortably in your travels to ensure that you will never miss a power supply for your electronic accessories. The smartphone, the tablet, the camera ... Any device that needs charging can be put back into operation with this external battery of 2,600 mAh that will give more autonomy to your electronic devices when you need them most. A trip by plane or train can be very heavy without some entertainment and the batteries of mobile devices do not have enough duration to cover so many hours of travel at full capacity.

Recharge the external battery slim and carry it always in the bag so you can use your load at any time. It is so small and light that it will be very handy to have it on hand to stop worrying about the remaining charge level of your portable devices.

- Material: plastic (housing)

- Color: blue

- Battery type: Li-Ion battery

- Capacity: 2,600 mAh

- Input voltage: 5.0 V

- Input current: 1000 mA

- Output voltage: 5.0 V

- Output current: 1000 mA / 2,000 mA

- Remaining battery LED indicators

- Compatible with all mobile models (HTC, Nokia, iPhone, Samsung ...)

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